my spy revolver swep

so wassupp guys . the last week i check some team fortress 2 sweps they were awesome but when i look my player in thirdperson and i was eqquiped with the have minigun it have the minigun in the head, the pyro axe in the back , other weapons were in parts (you know where )

so i decided to star editing their lua files to see what was the problem and i found it , it was the world models , so i have fixed that and now the revolver is ready and fixed , so have fun

soon i will try to fix more weapon

actually iam working on the pyros axe

well coment pls

Ehh, Pretty unoriginal, we already have tons of guns that shoot bullets. Also, you dont need to pack the pictures in the .zip.

Iam just an newbie making sweps

i just want to make an good look tf2 swep

Well, ok then. Just fix your grammar.