My srcds server stops, when i,m not using the computer.

I’m using a mapvote addon this
Excl mapvote

It works very well.
But sometimes srcds goes mapvote and players vote maps
then it must levelchange, but just stops.

It does not show any errors, popup, dump, something strange logs.

Of course server removed from gmod server list

Just stop console. And users are disconnected.

But srcds console is still on my monitor
and press any key + enter key,
then server works again.
(and console shows users are disconnected by steam ticket auth blahblah… many informations shows rapidly it didnt’t shows when srcds stops)

If i delete this ‘excl mapvote’ addon
then not happens this situations.
but the same problem on a ‘fretta mapvote’ addon. Even fretta mapvote is more randomly stops.

I really need mapvote addons
but why mapvote addons make my server like this…

I can’t descripe anymore via English.
so here a video on youtube.

This video is diffrent addons but same problem.

I think some kind of hardware sleepmode problem or mapvote addons. Maybe both.
But i already off harddisk and lancard sleepmode.

How can i fix it?

Your best bet is probably to not host your server on your local machine.

If it’s an issue with all mapvote addons, my inclination is to say the issue is with “changelevel” in general. What happens if you just run that command from console, or set it on a short timer?

Just don’t host it on your own machine. Gmod servers are so cheap these days.

Man you just need to get a local machine or buy a server srcds is kinda not good for hosting server then putting addons on that.