my steam hacked for a few days (story)

so anyway this is what happened

i was playing gmod a few days ago on multiplayer, not doin much, just building a house or something, then i got bored and went onto singleplayer, go bored on that too, anyway i went to bed and the next morning i tried to go onto gmod (cause i had to create a trench for school and decided to use source sdk) but for some reason my password wasnt working, at first i thought that i forgot it but then 2 days till the trench needed to be handed in i was getting worried.

First i tried every password that i used for the account but none worked, then i tried getting a new pass but it sent the email to my dads but i was unaware at the time, then 1 day before the trench had to be handed in my dad came to me and said if i requested to get a new email, i told him that i couldnt remember it so we had to go through the password recovery, eventually i managed to get a new password and go on steam, then two shocks occured.

The 1st shock was my profile has changed completley and the other was my time on some of my games has changed, i figured some retard hacked my steam, in the end i finished the trench just and sent it into school and the end.

My reason for writing all this is how can a hacker hack into my account if they dont know any of my personal information? And if anyone else has or knows someone who has been hacked.

Btw the hacker was a person called moof from the united states, bloody asshole :flame:

Probably because you clicked the link that offers you free games and signed in on it.

what above said


Your steam account is as safe as your computer.

I got my steam account hacked for no reason, not even went on any webpage that day I was just having steam online and that was it. Not sure how it happened, I’ve scanned my computer after and I didn’t have a virus at all.

What ever you did to loose your account is your fault. I wouldn’t be calling him the retard.

I felt so stupid after clicking one of those links.

Got it back about 2 days later + I managed to get crysis + Bioshock + Oblivion through it.

I payed for them out of steam that is.

Have a advanced password, keeps people from guessing it.

Also might wanna format your computer if it happens again, you might have a keylogger.

I hack hackers :v:

I had a massive 30? letters password, but that keylogger might be possible, although I just reinstalled Windows a while ago so I should be safe now. :buddy:

Duuuddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, You got Punked. Really stop using that Norton shit its bad for your PC :slight_smile:

The odd part is that i havent download any games off the internet, only things i download is gmod stuff on


I agreed with the beginning bit where it was my fault but i am still sticking to calling him the retard that he cant afford a game worth $10

How do you know it’s just for GMod…

Got hacked once, got it back. It was such a relief seeing that I wasn’t VAC banned.

They aren’t “hackers”, they are scammers.

This happened to me too my friend,

and believe it or not it was one freaking day before my birthday…
I was pretty gullable seing that it was that time, and it was my best friend that tricked me , but he fell for it himself,

today thanks to the Hi-jacking basterd i was Source vac-banned from then onto today

Atleast i can still play gmod ^.^

i think all victims are with me when I say:
“Burn in hell, you son of a bitch”

How does that make him a retard?

Also, we didn’t ask you whether you downloaded certain things or not. Please read a post before you reply to it.

I fell for a phishing link once.
Then I hacked my account back :v:
Never happened again :smiley:

You didn’t hack shit.

actually, you got a point, after looking through some files on there are some things for other games for reasons i dont know why


i used ‘retard’ as a insult alot even if there not (maybe wanker is better for u?)
and my mistake for only scanning through some of the posts