My steam rust key was used?

I decided I was going to play Rust again for the first time in months and it said that it went to being played on steam. So I copied and pasted my code into steam and when I tried activating it it said this.

I don’t know what I should do because now I can’t play the game.

How long ago did you purchase the code?

More then one person add access to the account on the web player and stole the key.

I never purchased it. I’ve had a Rust account since the day it released when I made it. I just got on for the first time in a while and discovered it moved to steam. I clicked the steam code button and used my code and got that message.

Well it’s a good thing I did none of those things. Losing it, is different from getting it stolen. If you get pick pocketed for 150 bucks, did you lose it, or did someone take it?

The same thing happened to my account, I’m not sure how it could have as I was the only one with access. I had even reset the password a month before they started distributing keys due to forgetting my original one. Didn’t try to pursue it any further than that though because even if my account had been exploited I assumed the answer to any support would be “tough luck”.

Yeah that seems to be whats happening to me right now.

It sucks, but it’s true. They can’t take it away from whoever added it to their Steam account, so that’s how it works. Did you get it for free? If so, just go buy it.