My story and i want a key!

Hello my name is nico and i play survival/zombie games a long time .
Iam a Veteran in Dayz and I played more than 1000 hours.
Two days ago I watched an video and I saw this very interesting Game called Rust.
I looked for a Beta key but I could not find one.
i appreciate it a lot when you can give one or two key for a friend of mine via pm!

thx :smiley:

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky" - MaxOfS2D))

Again, top of the page.

Read the sticky. I smell a Ban coming in.

Dont ask for keys!


Sorry guys but i dont will buy an Gold Membership to get an key faster I would only buy an key but nothing else.

Ah so you’re a veteran in DayZ. Tell me more.

what do you want to know dude ? :slight_smile:

I want to know why you are incapable of reading the sticky.

Enjoy your ban.

oh man okay thx for youre help guys -.-

Theres going to be a flood of these threads, theres like 1300 people viewing rust threads right now, bet most of them are beggars.

We can’t really do anything to help you. The only way to get a key is to be at the Gold members’ forum at the right time to see keys posted.

okay thanks :wink:

they want only the the rust key’s i think so.

Here come the bans!

If you really want a beta key, then enter the drawing contest.

they removed the ability to buy gold membership

You know I have been wondering. Why do all the friendly new people that come here to improve the forum and not just ask for a rust key always end their posts with “:D” or “:)”?
Makes them really seem like a bunch of 10 year old’s who just discovered emoticons.

Please explain further how being a veteran DayZ player, would instantly enable you to get a key just for you :-P?

I’ve got 2100 hours on GMOD do i get one too lel :pwn:

Considering you’ve been here for 2 years and only posted 25 times, you’re in the boat with us “friendly new people” pal

Check this out