My Strange Mind

Iv’e been hallucinating this figure evreywhere iv’e been since forever…whats wrong with me…it just stares at me all the time. :geno:
since i see it so much i want to re-creat it

rate comment etc.

What’s wrong with your head.

It’s been 5 days i’m not sleeping, going for 6 tonight and I don’t have any hallucination yet. So how the fuck, assuming you’re healthy, do you see that thing everywhere?
Anyway sweet picture, gives shivers.

I seriously don’t know but it’s usually in really obscure places when I see it

‘on top of my mom’

that is lol in many ways

Silly, that’s a hostage. He has the hatchet because he wants you to cut the bag off of his head. He can’t do it himself because he’s fucking retarded.

Hotage is a coolguy tho :geno:

This is nothing compared to bubz hangover.

Give face to a faceless man. It disturbs me how the mind works.

Yea I see it alot but I’ve got used to it… It’s just kind of there… I’ve became so comfortable with it I named it jauffre… I could imagine hes probably a dooshbag

If this is legit you should really, really see someone of the shrink proffession.

I think he might need something a bit more than that.

You just gave me an idea. This picture is awesome in terms of editing/theme/everything. I really like it. Very simple, but great.

it not bad when you get used to it