My Stuff

So here, let’s talk about shitty photos I made recently made for you, I’m kinda dumb for using Photoshop or something else, and I really need Training, but here I Begin using this, and it’s kinda Hard, Blood spatters, hair, DoF etc. And it’s really hard these times to find a Map wich include the ColorCorrection, If you would tell me what over maps include the CC excepted the maps I already know wich are Oskutin’s , Neotokyo’s, GM_rathen,Pandora, Appartement, etc.
So here it is, Blame it if you want, But this is just gonna help me. :v:

Stella Bullet :

The Slender man :

Hanging just around in an office

For the original ones; here there are

Thanks a lot for helping me making these shitty ass photos That I always Fail photoshoping , your help will be very kind. :wink:

The editing isn’t that bad, but I think you really need to work on your posing though.

I like the slenderman one a lot. The others are kinda meh

Fuckin Teen Wolf on the last image to the left.

WOrk on the posing, that’s a major issue I can see.

Thanks for all your advices, But I gotta say that it’s been A long time I didn’t play Gmod, so that’s an explanation about the posing. :wink: