My success!

After playing for more than 3 months,I finally made a successful base with 2 level.

And with metal doors and stuff.

I’m so happy.I know it might not be perfect,but hey,I’m so happy!

Thanks BLIZZARD(or was it BLIZZ) for helping me out,thanks a ton!

And hehe,Garry solved the problem for the auction :slight_smile:

Those you wanted it so badly can buy it now,quick!

You might rate this dumb,but I don’t mind or care,I’m just so happy ^^^^^^^^^:dance:

Box storm incomming!
Also, congrats on finally being a somebody in the wasteland :smiley:

I just hope you don’t get raided by all those infamous clans/groups :slight_smile:

couldn’t help it sorry


I hope too!I’m trying to make at least 6 metal doors :))

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Don’t mind,it’s ok ^.^