My suggestion for Garry

Personally, my suggestion for Garry is this: Fix the Create Multiplayer button. It’s been broken since, well, always. And if you can’t fix it, remove it. I’m sick and tired of attempting to make a server with SRCDS and I don’t know anything about opening ports and such. I can never make my server work, even after looking at like 5000 tuts, so just fix Create Multiplayer.

It works, you’re just doing it wrong.

It works, you’re just doing it wrong.

it works, look up sv_lan and port forwarding

It works, you’re just doing it wrong.


fucking ninja’d.

It works, i dont know what you could be doing wrong


Using srcds still requires port forwarding. Your argument is invalid.

Hey was he implying with that skillfully edited quote that create multiplayer requires port opening? Ive never used create multiplayer, ive only used srcds. SRCDS Rules.