My Suggestions for RUST

Hey guys, I dont have the game yet but I hope I get it soon. But to the point I have some suggestions for the game, Everyone is welcome to comment on these suggestions (Do not rage at me or ill rape your wife) Ok… :smiley: To the suggestions! >_>

#1 Clouds of radiation that move around slowly around the map.

#2 Temporary camping tents. (Made out of leather or something)

#3 Upgradable barriers (It costs double the amount of resources that you got the barrier with to upgrade. So say the barrier was 150 Wood. it would be around 450. Then double that for the next upgrade, you get me?) They will become Stronger and harder to pass through.

#4 MORE WEAPONS :open_mouth:

#5 A system in where you can add friends to a friend list and friends names will be a different color than other players. (Could help with teaming up and not Team killing your mates…)

#6 More zombies? You dont see them often.

There are many more I can think of… This game has alot to improve in! I hope that when it gets into full release this is on the top of the charts!

Thanks for reading my thread. Peace out <3

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Wow… I only just made this post and I got a comment right away… rape jokes arent funny… Your right ;\

#1 Is probably not gonna happen
#2 I rate the tents 3/5 since they would require ~100 cloth/leather seeing that sleeping bags are 20 cloth
#3 Is logical and has a good chance of becoming real
#4 Eventually
#5 Friends system is a little bit so-so, but VoiP should cover that when it gets implemented.
#6 Zombies are just a placeholder, according to garry. And if you go near RadZones you’ll find all the zombies your hard desires.


i’m just playing, I was trying to make you feel bad hahaha

Haha… thanks for that korp. Yeah VOIP Would be nice. itll be alot easier to communicate

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I really wish I could get a key so I can play and see the real game instead of watching youtube >:(

I think that friend system is the best I have seen discussed so far. Just changing the color of the name would be good because it would be analogous to recognizing your friends face, and not destroy the realism like a full friends list with chat and maps and all that junk.

  1. Probably not going to happen, the “clouds” or radiation seem to be in place to prevent camping high-value areas. Besides, it doesn’t make much sense realistically.

  2. Small huts, bags, and sleeping bags are already in place, I see no reson why a tent or lean-to wouldn’t be in the works.

  3. Why would this be better from a gameplay perspective? Why not have players tear down the old walls, and put up the new ones?

  4. This is hardly a suggestion

  5. I think being able to customize your character would be a hell of a lot better of an idea.

It would be great if there was an e-mail change option.

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Who the hell sells leather tents?

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We can agree to disagree but it just falls under the catagory of Dark humor, humor based on taboo and controversy, so regardless of your opinion it doesn’t phase me.