My suggestions for the development of the project

Good day. I want to introduce to you my vision of the future growth. and the changes that would have gone in his favor, and would have made the game even more unique.
Craft and production system:

  1. Add loot “metallic garbage”, collecting 50(?) pieces can be transformed (by analogy with the blue fragments) in random parts: Ply pipe from the saw blade, the blade, the blade ice skate, spring, shock absorber, an ingot. For example to create a homemade ax required 1-ply steel pipe and 1 drive from the saw. To create a homemade rifle: 1-ply steel pipe 1 Spring, 200 wood, 50 “metal garbage”.
  2. Remove from the menu crafting all items of factory production: axe, pickaxe, assault rifle, rifle, rocket ammo. These items will be available only from the boxes located in rad Town, or from helicopters.
  3. Remove from the loot boxes in rad Town illogical things: stone axes, meat, spears, bows.
  4. Add the possibility of quarrying from the surrounding rocks (texture), but to make production unprofitable. For example steel pickaxe produces 5 stone units per hit.
  5. Add more than improvised munitions.

Raid System:

  1. Add the possibility of lending a helping hand to someone, to move up. This will make the game more logical, and easier play small groups of players.
  2. Add siege machines to compensate for the inaccessibility of rockets.
  3. Enter the various traps: the grid, which connect the player. Traps active action. Add hiding places.
  4. Add items Electrical - do combination locks volatile, add buttons to open doors and activate traps.
  5. Add the scaling ladders that can be put only on the wall with stability above 80%.
  6. Remove the possibility of building straw houses over 3 floors (by reducing the dynamic stability). This prevents the server from the assault towers.
  7. Remove the “right side” door openings, walls. Average strength values. Make the possibility of destruction of a stone wall construction hammers (add building hammer with an elongated handle, as loot from pleased Town), the destruction of wooden buildings with axes.

The combat system and weapons:

  1. Add More home-made weapons. for example: Darts with poison, the incendiary darts, whip, throwing weapons.
  2. Add a portable security system: panels with a level of strength, a mobile barricade.
  3. Add the use of metal pipes as weapons.
  4. Add the strength points of armor.
  5. Change hand-made pistol musket firing various supplies - dsamodelnoy shot, homemade bullet.
  6. Display the name of the murderer to death from bleeding.

General changes:

  1. Establish the proper distribution of light - the light should not pass through walls and objects. This will allow players often use lights at night.
  2. Add stoves improving ambient temperature.
  3. Prohibit the construction of kilns, quarries under water.
  4. Apply double texture in the stones, to eliminate the possibility of living in texture.
  5. prohibit objects to pass through texture (chests and stove should not stick out of the walls, turrets can not be put in the header).
  6. Prevent administrators and cheaters to see through walls, through texturing mask.
  7. Add mutants or monsters.
  8. Remove the possibility of salvation from damage if dropped by Disconnects.
  9. Prohibit put more than 2 shelves on each other.
  10. Animals must react to traps.
  11. Add jamming of weapons, which would require it to recharge. With a little chance when recharging jammed weapons it may break.

I never caught bear in my BEAR trap…

They are called snap traps.

this is not your dreams kid. It’s a game ask for more reasonable realistic goals…