My suggestions for the game


I first just want to start off by saying that I love this game, and have been addicted to it since I bought it last weekend.

That being said, here are a few ideas I think would be cool to see in the game. I understand that the game is in alpha, and thus far from finished, and that some of these suggestions may not gel with what the developers have in mind, or are being planned to be added later. However, please have a read over them as you might like some of these ideas

  1. Be able to tame wolves to have as pets, and have them guard your base. This could work by players discovering a book on animal domestication. After they have studied the book, players could approach a wolf, and initiate the taming process by feeding
    it a piece of meat. This could work by players holding down the number of the hot key slot that the meat is in, this would then display meat in the players hand which the animal will eat, or
    the mechanic for feeding could be changed to where in order to eat, players select the food in the hot-bar slot which then displays the food in the players hand, and the players must
    press the attack key in order to consume it.

  2. Make the brightest part of the night be when the moon is directly overhead, just like IRL
    It makes no sense to me that the darkest part of the night is when the moon should be providing the game-play area with the most light. This ruins the immersion for me.
    Another solution would be to have the moon undergo a full lunar eclipse each night when it is directly over head.

  3. Add a female model for players.

  4. I heard cars will be added later, but I was also thinking that tamable, and ridable horses would be neat to have as well.

  5. Please give players the option of recycling their placed foundations, wall, etc. at a cost, i.e. I should be able to recycle a foundation but I only get 25-50% of the wood.

  6. Allow players to scavenge other people’s walls, foundation, etc. after they have decayed past 75%, or some other percentage deemed suitable.

  7. Add more building supplies such as bricks and concrete. Materials for bricks could be harvested from mud pits, and concrete could be made with stones, etc.

  8. Add edible plants.

  9. Ability to swim, and hunt sharks/fish for food. Boats too maybe?

  10. Please allow us to edit our mouse sensitivity similar to how we can in source games. What I mean is instead of only being able to adjust our sensitivity via the slider, it would also be useful to be able to adjust it by entering in a specific value, such as 2.15. Also I would like to be able to adjust my zoom sensitivity ratio, so that when I zoom, the sensitivity does not change so dramatically.

Thanks for reading! Keep up the good work devs!

  1. People will just kill your wolf for cloth…

  2. I agree. The moon should provide some natural light. I doubt this is intentional but rather alpha state.

  3. Absolutely.

  4. Horse meat, yummy.

  5. Reverse engineering would probably result in people walking around reverse engineering everyone else s houses.

  6. Almost same as 5.

  7. Why not.

  8. I have a thread about edible, herbs, berries, mushrooms too.

  9. Fishing is in my thread also, with boats too. I’m all for it.

  10. The interface needs a massive overhaul. I’m sure it’s coming.

One of my hopes for if pets are implemented is that we could use them to gaurd our bases while we are away. Also, once an animal is changed into a pet they should beef up a bit in terms of health, and damage.

My sugesstion for being able to recycle building materials only applies to building materials placed by the player, as in players should not be able to recycle other players materials except for in the case of number 6 on my list.

  1. I would rather have moon cycles. Have 1 night with full moon and lots of light, then 3 nights with partial light, and then one super dark night. Then it cycles back up

You guys know that fishing, boats and “pets” have already been touched on by Garry, saying they are planned to be in the game? Also there are a few threads in the suggestions thread about edible berries, mushrooms, etc.

As for the moon idea, the night is way too dark and toting around torches the whole time is just a huge target sign “KILL THE MOVING LIGHT I CAN’T SEE 2 FEET IN FRONT OF ME”! The moon giving off even a tad bit more light would make skulking around at least slightly safer. I’m not saying let me see across the map, but at least if someone is running at me I want to be able to move out of the way.