My swep package and map,

Okay Im new to the facepunch community and to modding, so this is kinda my hello im out there kinda thing. My swep pack most of you will consider it a 5 min swep pack which it is Im pretty sure. My map is flatgrass, construct, and a cool skydiving area all thrown in together with teleports. It includes Kenny’s v2.2 parachute mod. Thanks Kenny, It’s my favorite addon of all time. And that’s all feed back is welcomed and the links are here. On gmod files I am Gman122, but that’s because I tried to make an account here with that username, never sent an activation to me, so I made this account.

GM_Gman122’s Construct :

My swep pack :

But why do you upload your stuff on and not on

because almost everyone whos new to the modding community and uploads stuff on is getting trolled/flamed

No, everyone who uploads stuff on gets either spams and pools and lakes and gigantic gobs of praise or nothing. New modders who post their stuff on facepunch, however, get trolled and flamed if it is crap, especially if they claim it to be good.

but if its good and gets popular, youll get hundreds, or even thousands of downloads.

Well, that’s one reason, the other is I just don’t like using stuff that requires that u login to steam. I liked, but the steam login thing is a little extreme, and I know Garry Newman has his reasons and I dont blame him. Gary Newman is best person ever. Dont buy your little einstein $300 of legos, buy him garrysmod off steam. Takes what $30 bucks total for CS:S and Gmod together??? PS Thanks for posting I like feedback and suggestions.

Why? You log in with the same login as steam. Not hard. If you have garrysmod legally, you can download. Otherwise you can not. Big whoop.

I have garrysmod legally I just use my dad’s steam to play garrysmod.

why not your own? <14 years old I guess?

<13, almost 14. I dont cuss. I’ve been in the process of making mods for every single game I have. I like the modding community and want to be a part of it, and facepunch seemed like a nice forums to be apart of. No other garrysmod forums that I can find. Simple as that, no more questions about my age please.

Well you can use proper grammer. Your ahead of most 13/14 year olds.


Yes, thank you.

GmodFiles was closed because of piraters. I am sorry.

Did you really need to bump the thread just to tell us that?