My SWEP recently broke in Gmod13, need help figuring out why.

So my SWEP (Dragon Deagle) used to work in gmod 13 and was on the front page of the workshop for a while (which isn’t a difficult thing seeing there are only 1000 items). Anyway, it recently stopped working and I’ve been frantically trying to fix it for the last few hours as i received tons of complaints.

So all of the sudden, the weapon no longer appears in the Weapons section of the spawn menu. The only way to spawn it is to go into console and type “ent_create pist_deagon”. This spawns the weapon…sortof. It spawns invisible and i get the console error:


Then when i pick up the gun, the name is no longer “Dragon Deagle”, it is just “Print name”. Also, it is being held in the left hand rather than the right hand. I have it configured to be held in the right hand. So at this point it is evident that the game seems to be really ignoring my shared.lua for some reason. So i go into the shared.lua file and start poking around for something that doesnt seem quite right. I go ahead and decompile some other SWEPs from the gmod13 workshop that happening to be working, and compare the .lua and file directories. I see nothing that sets my SWEP apart from the others. At this point I have bashed my head against my desk, wall, keyboard, screen, chair, lamp, crotch, you name it. I am just baffled as to how this just suddenly stopped working. It would be wonderful if somebody could at least point me in a direction that doesn’t suck, and has some sort of chance of fixing this thing.

The reason i didn’t put this is LUA scripting is because I’m still not 100% sure if LUA is the problem.

Here are links to the downloads:

gmod 12 (still works):

gmod 13 workshop:

Some functions or hooks from the old gmod have broken in gmod 13, i hate to admit it but you may have to completely recreate the swep :frowning: unless you can figure out what the problem was…

It’s strange because until recently it DID work in gmod 13. I will try re-coding it but after comparing the code to other working SWEPs I can’t really pinpoint a problem as it looks almost identical. Oh well, I guess re-coding is the only option left at this point.

Also, the fact that it’s not even appearing the weapons menu is just baffling to me.