my SWEP wont use my fire .wav

Hello i need to some help, i can’t seem to get my swep to use the assigned sounds i have, does it look right? what am i doing wrong? the sounds folder with the .wav are in my sweps folder. any ideas?



Try that and report back.

Hey bob, it didn’t work! any other ideas?

sound.Play( string Name, Vector Pos[, number Level = 75][, number Pitch = 100][, number Volume = 1] )

That has to be it, my file contains no command…

Ill try and figure out what to put for the string name and stuff…

if you have the time, could you Tell me what to put for the string name and vector pos,

Im not sure what to put there!!

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Okay, like this? …

any specific spot i should put it in the text file?

trying now.

pardon my previous derp, give this a shot

[lua]sound.Play(self.Primary.Sound, self.Owner:GetPos(), 75, 100, 1)[/lua]

Alright, I added it, Not sure exactly what area to paste it in though, Could you help me out a little more? i really appreciate it!

heres what i got…

it still shows up on the swep list, but still, no sound…

anything out of place on my LUA?

Im running out of ideas now. are you sure the path to the sound file is correct?

yes, its in the right spot.

When i use the weapon in garrys mod, i get this error in console

ill try using a different sound, or location or something, ill let you know if i get it.

well, according to the error, it isn’t. Think you can pack the swep into a zip and host on mediafire or something?

Yeah, one minute.

You should be doing:

myShootSound = Sound(“guns/shoot.wav”)

in your primary and secondary variables areas. This will allow it to grab the sound in whatever folder is in the sound folder, as it already reads “/sound”.

with that added…

Try to let the player emit the sound:

i think i may have an idea on what it is, one sec. ill let you guys know…

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It was a simple error…

I had…

where is hould have had…

didn’t realize it automatically went to the sound folder… hahaa

thanks everyone for all the help!