My tabletop game figures

Heyo, I was working on this little idea for a few weeks now. Making classes, boards, and units for a tabletop game like Warhammer 40k.
Here are some pictures of the earliest projects:

This guy was called a Tempest. He was the first figure that I made and sparked this whole project.

Here I had made a few new classes. Far left two are Steam-Men or peons. Tempest in the back, and a Paladin on the far right.

Here I have a basic board set up, with the units on it. Bigger guy in the back is Pohedron.

More units. Guys in the center row are Blusters, a sort of long range attack unit. Far back left is a Baroness, she has resurrection abilities. A better picture:

Playing a round with my friend who made a turn based map specifically for this game.

Later on, we decided that just playing on a gridded box wasn’t any fun, so we made new rules for this:

Overview, my friend was the red guys, I was the green. More detail:

In the heat of battle!

Red team has the upper hand.

I surrendered. Failed at my own game, lol. Top right, you can see a die somebody made for the ability rolls.

Worked out a basic system for health, damage, etc. Working on a holographic health bar.

And finally, possible resources for use in game.

At this point its turning more into a RTS instead of a TBS, either way, its fun! Tell me what you all think, I’d love to hear some input.

That is just awesome. They idea and everything is great but to see it actually made is really really cool. I love the pieces they look great kinda like warhammer

lol that is aaaaawesome


I’m stunned.
Great stuff.

hahaha Lots of original ideas on the contraptions board these days. This is just awesome. I used to love warhammer when I was younger. Never really got into the whole gamemode thing about it, but I used to love the characters and stuff. This is a really good concept of battle. It requires only a set of rules. Great idea and great contraptions.

Gatta say, Never thought of doing that…
board games led up to video games didn’t they? o.O

Im not a tabletop guy, but I gotta say, awesome idea. Talk about originality.

Wow, thanks for the positive comments!

Nice job.

This is amazing. I never would have thought of this! I mean, this is almost Setze level awesomeness!




Monkey Shits.

That is awesome.

This is pretty cool, very original, creative, I’ve never seen something like this before.

We need an awesome rating.

That is seriously epic!

This, simply fucking awesome oh my god.

How about a rival army. Dark elves? Orcs? Mechatronical humanoids?

It’d be awesome if you guys figured out like, a general ruleset, and anybody could create any of their own figurines from whatever universe they wanted, aslong as they fit in that ruleset and were properly balanced. So we could pit Super Soldiers against fantasy orcs, or vehicles and things.

gtfo rpg fag :v:

Good idea though.

I TRIED TO DO THIS. but my units each has around 500 props so… :smiley:

New units! And thank you for the positive comments, I’m glad you guys like it!

Bottom left corner: Bomba - Suicide unit, pretty much a running bomb.
Right side of Baroness: Archer - A ranged version of the Paladin.
Right side of Tempest: Titan - Biggest unit, class 4.