My Take on a Difficult Raid Base (Oxide / Remove Tool Used) + Potential Issues With Building Ownership:

I just finished making this base after testing a more simplified prototype on the server a few days back.

The server I play on uses Oxide and has the /Remove function available for all regular players. For those unaware, this is a command that you type in chat “/remove” which then makes whatever you are holding (such as a hatchet) something that will remove an object when hit and put it back into your inventory.

My full description of my base can be found here:

It is not a suicide base and it is something anybody can do on a similar server running the remove command on it.

The problem I see is that there would be a few players considering this an “exploit” of some kind as the remove tool is mostly designed / intended to be for removing things you screwed up, like a pillar in the middle of a foundation, for example… and they would consider it an “Exploit” because it is taking advantage of the fact that C4 can not destroy Foundations or Pillars.

Where things get even trickier is that FacePunch has mentioned that they are working on Building Ownership, which would allow for pretty much the exact same thing as what I just created.

So what are other player’s takes on this?

• If the server has this feature, is it an exploit if used in this way? (I showed the Admins on the server and they all loved it)
• Can you think of how to raid this base properly (without having to resort to hacking of course :P)
• Is FP working on a similar feature & will it be able to be used in much the same way as the above??

looks very awsome ur base! i almost know the location of it…

This is awesome.

If it’s part of the server rules then I guess its OK. The remove tool being enabled makes it hard to label things as an exploit. This is why I do not play on servers with remove tool, it defeats the entire purpose of Rust.

From the sounds of things Facepunches ownership will be temporary. So you will only be able to remove item just placed to fix mistakes. It doesn’t sound like the /remove option in Oxide where you can do it whenever you want. Essentially make the base you just built unusable.

Can you build on top of that first set of floating pillars? Also how far away can you place a foundation?

If it is standard distance to place a foundation you just build a foundation with some stairs and add onto the pillars on the first floor. You can angle yourself to place a C4 on the wall and continue building the single foundation stairs and place a barricade at an angle on the other set of stairs and then jump. Really would not be that difficult (although my explanation might suck). Even if you are unable to build on top of the floating pillars you could still build a set of stairs needed to jump toward your top level. You might die a few times placing c4 but eventually you would gain access to the top floor.

On a side note, it looks like you would be able to get a foundation down withing jumping distance to your pillars, then just xmas tree up to your top part and c4 in, however I would have to be in game to check.

There are different removal plugins though. This one obviously has no floating building checks which I would avoid. There is one that just uses the Pick Axe that functions very neatly, I use it on my server mainly to negate griefing but also to allow builders freedom from the ‘misclick’ mistake. in its default state it does not work on Stairs (wood stairs can still be hacked down) and floating building parts are impossible.

On the other hand I am playing on a server at the moment that has this same /remove tool, but the admins only turn it on for 1 hour every day which actually is a very good way of dealing with it I think.

It seems like with a remove tool you could literally build a sky base. You’d need spaceships just to raid it.

Build 8 floors up, build a nice spot. Lay a sleeping bag. Go down to floor 7, remove all. Floor 6, remove all. Floor 5 remove all. Floor 4, remove all. Floor 3 remove all… at the bottom lay random foundations with center pillars around the area to keep anyone from building up. Only way to get you is parachute from an airdrop.

EASILY raidable… you would need 600 wood…

You chop down the RAMPs… put down a foundation… stair up to the first “box room” then add to the pillars in front to stair OVER horizontally to the outside… then up again… and up to the top… then 2 C4 on the top of the base and bam your ing…

NOTHING CLOSE to a “unraidable base”…

I forgot to clarify that the pillars are expanded as far as I could build foundations before the slope in the terrain wouldn’t allow anymore foundations… The width of the sections above are of the same distance so you’re only going to end up facing a ceiling when you build up… AKA: you can’t build up to the walls unless there is something I missed.

So even if you did destroy the ramps and added foundations, you can’t expand beyond where the walls already are & the floating pillars seem to prevent me from placing foundations anywhere in those areas unless I start back at the one foundation already there. This also means you can not start further out with another set of foundations to allow yourself to build further down the slope.

The only area that allowed me to place a foundation was too far away to connect or jump over. That’s why I didn’t bother making the pillars any higher than I did. I walked around around the area and tested everything I could to see if I could find a way to scale up… And as a solo player, I usually have to resort to building into bases due to limited C4, as well as being as cost effective as possible.

I tried to think of a base that even if I have plenty of resources and C4, even I wouldn’t be able to breach it… Even if I could, the amount of wood required to scale up to both sections, plus the amount of C4 required for each walled and barricaded 1x1 room before you reached the central loot room with metal doors would render the raid a overall loss compared to what you would gain.

Or build your way up every time you want in. The removal tool gives you everything you “remove” back so there is no real loss.

This is the problem with the removal tool and just some of the reasons/examples on how it is abused :frowning: When good intentions go wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


Also hand gliders have been loosely kicked around in a AMA with Garry. Just saying Skybase + gliders to get down = FUN, however I think its just a spit ball idea that will never make it to paper :frowning:

If I’m not mistaken, your building needs to be attached to a foundation that is attached to the ground, otherwise it decays in about 5 minutes. I’ve run into this but am not sure if it was just implemented that way on the server I had played on.

I wonder if leaving the foundation at the bottom, underneath where it would have been used to build up, still counts as “having a foundation.” However, if the remove option is on, the decay can be turned off as well.

Yes decay is also off on this server.

Not too difficult to get from the roof of the lower section into the top. Staircase at the edge, on the top stair put down a barricade and large storage at right angles half overhanging the edge, climb up on them, 2x C4 and you can walk into the top section.

Although that’s not how I’d do it, simpler to use barricade + box to get from a ramp onto the floating pillars, jump between them until beyond the overhang of the upper floors and then just christmas tree up.

Wouldn’t this design only work if decay was off? Otherwise the pillars would decay over a day or two.