My Team Fortress 2 Pose Compilation :D From Old To new

Hi All! I just now decided to make a compilation of ALL my TF2 Poses from Old to New! Here we start!

^ “I found you, You sneaky bitch…”

^ “Night, night camera!”

^ Edited version of “Night, night camera!”
New ones:

^ “Praise the engineer!”

^ Guard Duty…

^ “Incomi-AAAAAAARGH!”

^ Gearing up!
C&C on them Please!

First picture: Looks pretty damn heroic almost. It would’ve been better though, if you moved his right arm out to where you can see it, imo.

Second: I like this one: The only thing that glaringly stares out is the horribly edged thumb thing grabbing the camera.

Third: Fix reasons from second. Also, the blood looks kinda cheesy (But lots of room for potential if you manage to make it look right). Also, I’d suggest adding a lil DOF to the hand grabbing the camera to perhaps fix that damn edge. Wtf is up with his left eye?

Fourth: The only big thing that stuck out was that awkward shadow beneath him, but besides that, looks very good.

Fifth: This isn’t really your fault, but the model looks strange, and you can see some sort of texture split thing around his left hand. Would be nice if it looked a lil bit brighter too.

Sixth: This also looks pretty nice. The grey cloud near the scout seems a bit strange, perhaps take that out. Also, it would be sick if you made a flare and trail coming out of the flare gun.

Seventh: Please turn up antialiasing, theres so many jagged edges here. I can’t really help you with direct posing ideas, but some look uncomfortable here. Is the sniper intentionally separating himself from heavy?

The Scout has the head of the Docta!

Thanks for the Comment! I agree on all with all your opinion Yes the seventh pic does look jagged but Anti-Alias is on full :/. And no The sniper does not intentionally separate from the Heavy. The medic sat besides him before but went to the pyro to ask him to sit with the others and not sit lonely in the corner :3


That, my friend, is the Scout without the hat!

Love the mech.

Honestly, the first one is the best.

Thanks guys :smiley:

First one is good.

The Second one’s thumb looks out of place.