My textures are super fucked up!

Hi guys, this issue has been winding me up for a while now with no fix, my textures are really messed up. I’ll let the sceenies explain

The same thing is happening on CS:S Aswell :’(

Also I’m getting those yellow and red textures on items in GMod aswell as doors being invisible! Thanks for any help

Wow , i never saw this problem. probably you need to re-install mother board support disc . then install new version of direct x.

Thanks man, Cba with that this pc is a lost cause, its a spare, my laptop which is awesome has a broken charger so this is just for controlling a server, but it’s weird I’ve been playing HL2 perfectly since I posted this :confused:

IIRC this is a symptom of your graphic card going bust

RIP video card…

I’d suggest getting a new one while you can.

dxlevel 81 fixed this for me, back when I was on integrated.

I’ll try dxlevel, thanks for the posts but as my first comment said, I’m not investing shit in this :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, -dxlevel 81 worked like a charm :smiley: