My TF2 / NeoTokyo Collection

Heavy ran out of ammo…he improvised.

Apature Security touched sasha…

I tried working on blood editing

This time i used a matrix map with neotokyo…

C&C por favor

Mi amor,
The blood editing is nice, could be a bit better

Im not that good at spanish, either.

Fourth pic:
Why don’t you put katana a bit deeper into that solider’s hand and make him grip the handle, so it will look like he’s actually holding his weapon tight and ready to cut off your _______ <----whatever you wanna cut. Now it looks like he’s not even a solider, just a cheap model that is getting payed for posing with a sword, that’s not what you want, right?

On the third one…empty space in the bottom left corner kinda annoys my eyes…put another dead solider there or something so it won’t look so empty. Or choose a better angle, that you won’t have so much empty space and all of your objects will be on the pic.

First pic:
Good, but again, you have too much empty space in the right part of a pic.
I’d bring the camera closer to heavies, it would look more dynamic.

Other than that - very nice, keep it on +1.
Of course it’s just my opinion and you don’t have to follow it exactly. These are your pics after all

They’re pretty good I do like the blood edit.

^ Thanks russian…imma put your advice into use