My TF2 Ragdolls, and Vortigaunt eyes are... wrong

MY TF2 ragdolls have a “pyro just came by and decided to charr your TF2 ragdolls into an unpleasant looking red and black color.” And my Vort’s eyes have the purple and black checkered texture error… thing…

What can I do to fix this?

For the checkboard eye it may be because you dont own hl2, hl2 ep1 or hl2 ep 2. I didnt understand the problem wiuth tf2 models

I suppose getting Hl2 would make sense, but before I had a shaderrapidx error long ago, my vort eyes were fine.

shaderrapidx? what

It’s a Source Engine error, prevented me from playing any, and all of my Source Engine games for a few months, I didn’t really understand it, it fixed itself after awhile. No worries

Prolly is ur grafix card
what graphix card u has

Nividia GeForce 6100… considering that my friend’s graphics card is like 8900… It’s time for an upgrade!

We have the same damn, shitty graphics card! :smiley: