My thought of ladders.

I honestly think that the ladders should be able to place on landscapes and not buildings. Like rocks,mountains, ect ect. It makes tool cupboards useless if u can just make a ladder on the top of the roof… Honestly FP you better change this before u release it.

It’s fair. Right now it’s implemented badly but the idea is good.

Why? What magical property of the ladder would prevent it from being placed on buildings?

People just want base protecting to be easier which is understandable because you don’t want to get raided or loose your stuff. Then again the game isn’t meant to be easy otherwise the game wouldn’t be as fun.

When I was advocating for ladders to be added was imagining something you prop against the wall and climb up. This would require some ground space to place the ladder, meaning you might be able to fight against ladders being placed against your base. And probably you shouldn’t be able to use 2-handed tools while on a ladder either, so you’d have to toss up C4 or shoot rockets to make an entry point.

Ladders as they’ve been implemented are like signs, they just magically stick to walls (including armor which has absolutely no way to attach the ladder), and apparently you can hang onto a completely vertical ladder while using both hands on a pickaxe to break through the wall. Plus you can just stick more ladders on the wall from on the ladder, letting you climb any height. Like this ladders are fairly gamebreaking, there is no counter to them and they will wipe out all the different styles of base building apart from honeycombed armor cubes.

There needs to be balance between raiding and defending against raids, this is not it.

So you’re saying ladders should be place diagonally on a wall as if you were placing them in real life?

Diagonally *against *the wall is what I think he’s getting at. I agree - siege ladders are where it’s at.

Yes, you should have to lean the ladders against the wall at an angle.

I’d be down for that, then stability could come in… If not a stable enough ladder, fall off and hurt yourself :stuck_out_tongue: