My thoughts on current version of Rust

So I haven’t played Rust in about a year and a half, but I’ve been watching the updates during that time, including seeing Legacy get shut down.
Seeing all the new content and updates that were implemented in the new version of Rust, I was very excited that it would finally fix some of the biggest issues with Legacy Rust.
When I first got started on the Seattle server, I was very impressed. The UI is clean, intuitive, and easy to learn and use. The structure building system is equally intuitive and much more efficient and usable than the old craft-every-single-part system.
I also liked some fixes that made it easier for new spawns to get around, mainly
-A higher incidence of stone to make hatchets with
-Introduction of the stone pickaxe and bone knife which are easy to craft
-The ability to run while crafting. A bit unrealistic but in hindsight it’s much better than the old system.
-The introduction of the wooden spear weapon that can be crafted with no assistance besides a rock
-The fact that you can now harvest bones and food from human corpses, which is important because of an issue I will address later
-More intelligent NPC AI

However, there were also some changes that render the game unplayable in its current state. As I stated earlier, I was really excited that this new version of Rust was fixing many issues with the Legacy version, but I was dead wrong. This version took the bad elements of Legacy and magnified them.
You’ll notice that I didn’t talk about any aspects of the crafting system besides basic tools and weapons. That’s because I never got up to craft anything besides that.
The reason is because it’s just impossible to get any sort of foothold in a standard server. Building bases may have been made easier, and weapons may have been made more available to craft, but that doesn’t matter if there are no animals to use these weapons on. The animal spawns are just horrendously rare, and worse yet, you can’t substitute hunting animals by hunting humans because for some weird reason harvesting humans doesn’t give you cloth (which doesn’t make sense at all considering any other creature will). No cloth means no sleeping bag, which means it doesn’t matter if you’ve built yourself a base or even an arsenal of stone hatchets and spears, seeing how easily you can get killed in Rust.
I spent about 5 hours on this stupid game just trying to get enough cloth to craft a sleeping bag. The closest I got was when I was lucky enough to have a bear ambush me, whose corpse I then used to craft a bone knife. I then got killed before I could craft a sleeping bag and get back to my base. This problem is only exacerbated by the more advanced animal AI, which makes it so you can’t take out anything larger than a chicken with a rock (granted, this is a good change but I’m only citing this as an example). In Legacy Rust, it wasn’t exactly easy to get a shack and a sleeping bag on the ground, but it wasn’t impossibly hard either. At most it probably would only take you 15 minutes to run to a woods and kill enough pigs or deer to craft a bag. In today’s Rust, it takes 3 hours just to get CLOSE to crafting a sleeping bag, and over those 3 hours you’ll probably be killed 10 times.
The circumstances created by this are people who eagerly wait for the next server wipe (when I was on there was always somebody asking the question “last wipe?”) because only when nobody else is settled in can you get settled in. You also get a system where those who are already established just go around fucking up people who are trying to get established and take the resources they have gathered, which is basically a carry over from the Legacy version that has been made many times worse because now it can no longer be worked around due to how hard it is to even make a sleeping bag.

So, what do I think would make things better?
Easy. One of the good things that the new alpha brought was the wooden spear, which as I mentioned before, can be crafted without any prerequisites except for a rock and some trees. This makes it easier to hunt (when you can find something TO hunt) and have basic defense as a fresh spawn.
Something similar should be added as an alternative to sleeping bags. Frankly, I think it makes zero sense why I have to go hunt down a fucking bear just so I can make a flimsy cloth sleeping bag, when I could go cut down a tree, pull up some grass, build a manger out of it and sleep like I’m baby Jesus. The ability to construct a straw bed or wooden box with grass in it would not only make the game playable, but would also fit pretty well into the whole “survival” theme.

Another solution would be to just make animals more common. Seriously, you can wander in the woods for a solid 15 minutes and see only 1 deer if you’re lucky. Of course there’s probably a good reason why animals are so rare now, but this could still be considered.

Finally would be the option to harvest cloth off of dead humans. You can harvest bone and meat from humans, but for some reason you can’t harvest cloth. Seeing as bears, horses, deer, and chickens aren’t made out of cloth, it wouldn’t be too unreasonable to be able to harvest cloth from humans, too.

Until it stops being insanely difficult to craft respawns, this version of Rust has fixed almost none of the main issues with the original alpha. I hope the next time I boot this game up I’ll actually be able to play it.


Is that something you pick off the ground like the wooden branches and the rocks? Because I haven’t run into anything like that except mushroom.
Either way, the mere fact that I haven’t run into it means that it’s also too rare.

Hemp isn’t rare. Also, rust is a game where you can lose hours of work in no time. Nothing new.
If you want to build a base without getting killed, try not to visit a server with 150 people playing. It’s really that easy. Hemp usually grows in forests only or near trees.
You probably ran past some hemp plants. Now your statement there is just wrong.

You just dislike being killed, that’s all. If you play alone and on the big servers there might be groups of 10+ people, why would you go there if you are so easily frustrated? Pick a low pop server for god’s sake and try to get better with your start.

Building a base as first goal doesn’t make sense to me.
I try to get a spawn near the road and get some important blueprints or even a gun.
When I can craft hatchets and pickaxes, I’ll start building. Not earlier.
Of course it’s up to you how to start.

Animals are rare but not impossible to find, I run past one every 10-15 minutes.
The center areas of the maps are usually pretty much empty. Once you get to the edges you’ll find plenty of animals, stones, hemp etc.

You just need to play more to learn whats there mate.

Hemp is a small green plant that once you find it, you will see regularly enough and it gives 20 cloth from memory.

And please consider my recommendation: visit a low pop server to get started. 20-50 users at the rush hours should be enough.

It’s not that I dislike being killed, I dislike the fact that you can no longer build a safety net against being killed as a fresh spawn. I’ve played on high pop servers for the most part because low pop servers are just fucking boring. And you know, it’s always been just fine. As long as I can get a shack going as a rallying point, I’m basically set no matter how bad the hacker situation is, or how much war is going on between clans.

Well you can’t really count on crafting and collecting stuff if you don’t have a place you can store them and easily return to. To me it makes no sense to start with higher tier supplies first and worry about a temporary base later. You need a staging area where you can put all your supplies together. Of course I had to craft things like hatchets before I really picked up setting up a base but all of that matters little if you can’t quickly get that initial respawn point up.

You think I don’t understand this? My problem is that now what used to take half an hour at most has exponentially increased. I’m OK with losing a lot of work, because I’ve always been able to get right back up and start again.

I still don’t see why something like a wooden bed frame + straw mattress couldn’t be implemented though.

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I’ll try it out but my experience with the small community servers is generally negative.

I can sympathise with your post. We’ve all been in the situation where it’s mad frustrating to not be able to craft a sleeping bag through lack of cloth (specifically in tundra areas I find, where animals are quite scarce and hemp plants are too).

The one good suggestion I think you made is about a lower tier sleeping bag. They’ve introduced a bed, which is a tier up from the sleeping bag with a shorter respawn delay. There could be a wood-only alternative that has a much greater respawn delay. This would help new starters get less frustrated and stick with the game a bit longer, which can only be a good thing.


Not according to the thousands of players I see in game at any given time. Just because you don’t like the game in its current state doesn’t mean it’s unplayable.

If this is true, then perhaps Rust is a little above your skill level. It is absolutely, positively, 100% possible to gain a foothold on a standard vanilla server. People do it all the time. In fact there was just a wipe yesterday, and after a BP wipe on all my servers, there are already some well-established players.

I disagree. You may just be looking in the wrong areas. You won’t find them running all willy-nilly throughout the map; try looking in forests and mountainous regions. You might also be on a server with a ton of players, in which case the area you’re in may be over-hunted. In that case you’ll either need to move to a different area of the map, or find a better server. If neither of these work for you, there are tons of vanilla servers with increased resource density.

Hemp plants are scattered throughout the map. Pick one up and get 20 cloth. Within minutes of dumping on a new server, you should be able to hold several hundred cloth. Look in forests and areas with scrub brush.

FYI, bears are pretty easy to kill with a wooden spear. You’ll take some damage, but not enough to die. In return, you’ll get a ton of loot. Because of this, and because of the fact that they don’t run away like boars or deer, they’re a pretty good target for animal supplies.

you can’t take out anything larger than a chicken with a rock

Wood spears are a pretty powerful hunting weapon and easy to make as one of the first tools on the server, so if you’re trying to hunt down a bear / dear / boar with a rock … well …

Well, there you go. Certainly an authoritative statement on how “unplayable” the game is.

Since when are humans made out of cloth? yes, it would be nice to take clothing and tear them into cloth pieces, but for now your stuck picking up hemp and harvesting animals. Also animals do give you cloth in real life, so lol.

Are you seriously suggesting that it’s reasonable for players to need to spend more than a few hours in-game to learn the basics, or for an inexperienced player to craft something as basic as a sleeping bag? Would you tolerate that in any other game?

No. I’m making light of the fact that he says “THIS GAME IS UNPLAYABLE! I should know because I’ve spent nearly five hours playing!”. I’m also pointing out that if finds it “impossible” to get “any kind of a foothold” on a server in five hours, this game might be too hard for him. I’m saying this as someone who could go on any random server and be well-established in less than an hour – and I am a MEDIOCRE player at best. And in the unlikely event that I found some server that was somehow above my ability (say, 200+ players all clanned up), I’d just go find another server.

Well, the solution to your whole post is Hemp. On a 4k map there is approx 1000 hemp plants up at all times mostly concentrated in the forest biome. Cloth from animals has been nerfed pretty hard, hemp is now the primary source for cloth.

Thats 20000 cloth on the server waiting to be harvested… You should do fine.

All that said I do agree animals are scarse. I run my server with about x4 animals and they still are pretty thin. Cloth is not the issue here but your first furnace can take a little while.

Uh, no they don’t. You have to take their furs and process it into cloth. And last I checked, chickens’s feathers don’t exactly make cloth.

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Yeah now that I know I’ll try to keep my eye out for them, thanks

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I already said that I managed to get lucky with finding a bear and stabbing it the fuck to death with a spear, but so far the only animal I’ve managed to rock is a chicken. I’d imagine something like a boar should be pretty easy to wrangle with just a rock.

You can find a lot of answers using Google. Most of these “problems” are resolved. It’s not meant to be a quick and fast game. Why does everyone play it like there’s a timeframe required?

It’s not that, it just shouldn’t take this long to get started. I’m not going to pour half a day into playing rust just to get a little shack going and if that’s what Rust is supposed to be now then I guess I shouldn’t play it.

IMO legacy was more fun to play. Gun’s were more fun to shoot with. Getting blueprints was better. The models did not looked that clunky when running. Gear was much simpler. Getting an airdrop was much more intense then it is now. Steady FPS.

The only really good thing about new rust is the crafting and building.

Yeah, because no other games have steep learning curves

I agree, Legacy had that constant gut wrenching feeling that the new Rust doesn’t quite have. It is improving constantly though, we aren’t too far.