My thoughts on DarkRP

OK I am ready for the shit storm of comments that are about to come.

DarkRP let’s break it down. DarkRP stands for Dark Role Play everyone knows that. DarkRP consists of custom made jobs depending on the kind of server. There are jobs for admins, donator’s, vip’s, and users. There you can select the job that you feel like role playing in.

Now in almost every DarkRP server that has around 20-30 players there are 10-14 year old’s. They all tend to be cancerous. You never want to hang around them and you never want to be friends with them. They ruin the entire game play for everyone. And with these servers the admins are all abusers, obnoxious, retarded, and cry babies. All of the admins have no idea what to do and they spawn in weapons just to kill random kids. The owner is virtually never on and when he is on he is in his custom job with over 500 mill salary. This is 90% of all DarkRP servers so on these types just don’t even go near.

Now there are servers where there are 5 people on. All of them are super-admins or some high rank. They abuse their powers and when players get on they act professional. That’s cool but its not fun because if you piss them off they get all but hurt about it and ban you. And if you apply for staff or even ask for it you are guaranteed to get it. So thoughts on those servers stay off of them.

Big servers with loads of players on them are aids. The admins are too strict applying for staff is like applying for a high ranking management job on a billion dollar company. They only way to have fun is put shit loads of money into the server for stupid perks. The owner is never on if you have a good application that will qualify you will be accepted 50 years after you are dead.

Then there is that one server. That server is fun there are cool players on it. Respectful staff members and a cool owner. There are no kids on it and it is generally enjoyable. Now I say this because this is a 1 and 1 trillion server. I haven’t found it and I might be blowing air out of my ass because I don’t even think they exist.

So my over all thoughts on DarkRP is never even go near it unless your friend offers you are high ranking position on a semi-populated server. You have to be staff that can spawn in shit to have fun in DarkRP because DarkRP sucks. If you read all this thanks and if you feel the same that DarkRP sucks please post below!

i seen video proof of one, tell me when you find it pls

Pinning your hatred on a polished gamemode with a very open concept hardly describes the problem that you’re trying to pinpoint, which is the lowering demographic age of Garry’s Mod and subsequent maturity drop. This happens to a lot of games with this large of a fanbase and developer community – older players and developers who probably came to Garry’s Mod from Counter-Strike or Half-Life are now growing up and leaving the community. This, mixed with the now aged Youtube popularity has attracted a new crowd of young players who favour DarkRP due to its unstructed nature and desire for instant gratification. Does this make DarkRP a bad gamemode? That’s up to you, but in my eyes, it doesn’t. I believe that before GMod becomes obsolete, that young crowd will come full cycle into what the original community was as new players at a younger age move on to more cutting-edge mediums or platforms.

At the very least, the servers are hardly “cancerous” or “aids,” but rather, a response to what the community at large demands. This polarisation of desires is just a societal cycle and is happening in more than the world of Garry’s Mod: the same can be observed in politics, music, and movies alike. DarkRP’s popularity is simply the manifestation of this split and large communities will be the ones to first respond to shifting desires at the risk of losing popularity. Only time will tell what will become of this current division of the playerbase.

Dude. This is not supposed to be a professional thread. And everything you have said is incorrect maybe you found the one server because if you have open eyes you would see the community.

Another one of these threads, I see

I found one but I’m not posting it here cos i don’t want to see it fill up with the faggots that populate mainstream darkrp
All I’m saying is they do exist but they are usually intentionally obscure to keep the shitters out

So just because it’s not a professional thread means you can throw half-baked thoughts and shallow insults around? If you can’t back yourself up with more besides “open [your] eyes” then I don’t see any basis you have.

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And no, for your information, I haven’t found that “one server” by your description because it doesn’t exist. Every server has problems by some arbitrary standard, but it’s about what YOU personally enjoy. If you don’t like DarkRP, don’t play it.

No but all the people in these servers I have stated are there. These are facts not opinions. And If hanging around screaming 10-14 year old’s gets you off dude fine by me.

I never said they weren’t. I just said that putting the fault on the gamemode is pointless when really, it’s just a shift in the demographic of Garry’s Mod players.

The server I played on was Eugecus and it was exactly like this. What made it even worse is it was paidmin server so anyone could get admin if they were dumb enough to buy it. The owner never did hop on and never contributed to the community.

DarkRP can be fixed if it isn’t used for a revenue machine like most servers use it for (opinion based.)

Granted but it is the game mode because DarkRP is what every kid plays. The players of the game mode will never change unless the game mode itself changes.

How would you change DarkRP then to satisfy this issue of immaturity?

That’s exactly when the meaning of this thread is. It’s to rant about what I hate about it. It’s up to the developer to change that. DarkRP has been like this for years it’s never going to change, rants are rants for a reason.

But you only described problems with communities, not with the actual gamemode. The actual gamemode is very open and easy to configure: it comes with no preset rules. What’s wrong with it?

The way the game mode is configured made it so servers use the same stuff. There is basically no new things to do on DarkRP so servers repeat themselves. Thus giving the player base of autistic players.

Which way? It sounds like you’re just trying to create a problem to place blame.

Not creating anything I am here stating the fact and the problems. This is a rant and you arguing a rant is pointless because it’s a rant and I’m venting there is no rationalization on peace of mind.

Okay, and I’m critiquing your point. That’s the beauty of a public online forum.

So be it. critique away. But by trying to state/ask if I am creating a problem to put blame is more like a decoding of my rank and rationalization. There is no need for that than to simply just let it go.

Here’s my genuine question:

What makes a DarkRP server good?

Is it a lack of younger players? Is it a majority of unblocked tools? Weapons that aren’t M9K? What is it? What does Facepunch want? I really want to give DarkRP a shot, because I feel like I can make it different from other servers, honestly. With the experience I have with programming and the people I know, I feel like it’s possible to make the one server that OP was talking about. I don’t like people seeing Garry’s Mod as cancerous DarkRP only, but it’s like that because of kids. So I really want to know what FP wants in a DarkRP server, and what makes a server running it good.