My thoughts on how toybox MP should work

All toybox ents are blocked from the start.

Instead, make server owners unblock toybox ents with something like

toybox_allow_spawn toybox_12_3456

toybox_block_spawn toybox_78_9012

People could only spawn any toybox entity specified by toybox_allow_spawn, to prevent reuploading a nuke 50 billion times to get around blocking filters

Make server write list of allowed+disallowed ents to a text file, preferably “allowedtoybox.txt”

Maybe something like

toybox_allow_spawn_client toybox_34_5678

for all the radio ents? Client would see/hear/make use of it, but nobody else would?

Probably should allow spawn/delete/error verobosity with something like

toybox_verbosity 0/1/2/3

with 0 being none, 1 being spawned ents only, 2 being ents being spawn and being deleted, 3 being spawned ents, deleted ents, and lua errors from toybox ents

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Make certain ents admin spawnable only with something like

toybox_allow_admin toybox_90_1234

toybox_block_admin toybox_56_7890

By the way,the format is “toybox_toyboxid_revisionnumber”,so it might just need the toybox id for it to work.

>Winner rating

Possibly do something like floating 2d text over clientside props like the simple 3d scoreboard, saying something like “OTHER PLAYERS CANNOT SEE THIS”? I don’t know how well that will play with 2d3d screens, though :shivdurf:

Maybe allow toybox saves, in multiplayer, but do something like

toybox_saveprivileges 0/1/2/3

where 0 is only the owner can spawn, 1 being select people and owner, 2 being any single admin, and 3 being everyone.

As for the “select people”:

toybox_saves_whitelist STEAM_9:9:9999999, STEAM_8:8:88888888...

and save it to something like, I dunno, “toyboxsavesallow.txt”?

DEFINITELY add a few columns in the toybox window, something like “Spawnable In Current Server”
so we’re not left going HERP THIS ENTITY IS SPAWNABLE when it’s not.

I’m probably an idiot for saying this, but maybe something like

sv_toybox_cheats 0/1

So people using dumb things like the Time Ball or whatever it is can actually make use of sv_cheats without giving people impulse 101, retry, map mapname, CreateHairBall etc.
OTOH, someone could hide admin commands in a file other than main.lua for the toybox entity and give themselves admin sv_cheats via the toybox ent doing it. Won’t work for clientside entities since some minge can just spawn a clientside time ball and noclip inside to freeze everything doing that.

Add something like


so you can grab a toybox’s entity ID after pointng your crosshair at it. This way you can see a cool entity in someone’s server and allow it in your own instead of spamming the search box looking for anything related to what you saw so you can allow it.

Yh and the little icons bouncing can do it on everyones screen with the person that started the dls name above the icon

I see what you did there.

But he right, there should at least be a little icon or something when someone’s spawning a toybox entity you haven’t already seen or downloaded.

Post is related…

I would consider that on server start up, toybox downloads all the materials for the server in the whitelist without the hassle of players timing out or lagging.

But pressing Q should bring a custom screen with everything allowed, players however cannot comment, rate, favourite or view source, they can click on it for a description but that’s the maximum.


What about clientside lag from all the icons onscreen at once? An excellent toybox entity has around 20 or so.

They should be allowed to favourite, but not view source, comment, or rate.

This sounds nice, but will any server owners actually individually add these entries? They do sometimes tend to be pretty lazy at updating their servers and such.

I know how late this reply is but - somebody could lobby to have their entity unblocked in a server, and then update their entity to include administration commands like banning.