My Thoughts on Rust Experimental as of yet.

I have a few requests regarding EXP version. One of the huge ones being that the speed at which you are running and doing melee attacks is ridiculous. It literally feels like the walking animation should probably really be the run animation. I know there trying to help us cover as much ground as possible, but when y our in a rock fight and your zooming past the other player likes its unreal tournament on crack, then its a big problem that i hope the devs address. Im also a bit concerned about the player mesh LOD rather than the hitbox. It just doesnt feel up to snuff by any standards. Is this a possible placement until they have time to do hitboxes because it takes so long to do? Only time will tell, but this is something i hope they nip in the butt. Also the bow needs to be more useful and not shoot 5 ft away. Im pretty sure this has to do with the tracing of bullets. A bow shot should be far more powerful and have some much needed force behind it. And hopefully the bullet tracing doesn’t ruin the feel we know and love in Legacy. Overall i love how much progress Facepunch has got done in such a short amount of time and have faith that they will have something playable and fun enough before H1Z1 takes some of the mind share in the survival MMO genre.

You’re complaining that something on the experimental version is imbalancing for gameplay?

It’s not a “big problem”, it’s called parameters for testing. When experimental is promoted to baseline with Legacy, it’ll be trivial to adjust walk and attack speed to more normal, balanced values. If you’re playing experimental for fun and expecting game balance, you need to look at the name of the development version you’re using.

Rust is also using a different method of working out hit locations other than the old standard of floating hitboxes attached to you, and it’s actually more flexible and efficient. It’s a skinned mesh collider, instead.

SOE’s got their own problems to deal with, and H1Z1 is doing completely different things.

No, i’m not complaining at all. Obviously in Facepunch i trust. Just a few issues that will be addressed and a few things i’m concerned about is all. The biggest gripe i have is the fact that they never implemented easy anti cheat to Rust Legacy, so that the wait for EXP would be much more bearable. When the best community server out there has over 1600 banned hackers on his ban list and growing, then its a cause for concern. So no i’m not complaining at all, that wasn’t my intention. I just want the “baseline” to be fun and in a playable state. I understand there are only so many people on a dev team so i am patiently waiting for the end result and think it has the potential to far exceed what legacy is. Just a bit concerned about the gunplay and the fact that alot of the hardcore community that plays legacy consistently is on the decline because of hackers.