My thoughts on Serious RP

Okay, I’ve played a lot of Gmod RP and I just have to empty my thoughts here. Opinions and a lot of text ahoy, most of these examples happened on RadiationScript, but I’ve seen similar crap on other servers.

These servers are pretty scarce. I’m talking about servers like RadiationScript and DesertiaRP. They’re good in theory, but their downfall is their so called “seriousity” (if that is a word). It seems these servers have trouble telling the difference between “Serious RP” and “RPing something serious”. They just seem to do the latter. Any funny comment or 4th wall breaking or such is looked down upon, as if it completely annihilates their immersion. Gonna get back to this.

Another bad thing is their odd relationship with out of character. And people on RadiationScript really love OOC. Most of their talking they do is in OOC. This also works with RP. Basically, if someone or something fucks up, they fix it in OOC rather than just adjusting to the situation and roleplaying it. And this happens a lot on RadiationScript. It’s pretty annoying when 30% of all conversations I start they respond with “I’m OOC”.

Typical event might go like this:

I see a guy flailing around like an idiot
Me: Are you okay?
The guy (Local OOC): That was OOC

It’s just really annoying when they can’t stick to their roles and they start doing OOC stuff and speaking in OOC. IF YOU’RE BORED IN IC, DO SOMETHING IC.

Third thing about these servers is the community. Well, most of the time they know how to spell and speak English. The downside is the way they play. They are incredibly hostile towards any criticism to the gamemode, to the players or to their RP. They don’t really want anyone joining their RP. All this isn’t really a surprise since I once saw someone asking their ages. None of them were over 15. I’m pretty sure it’s 99% escapism for them, they can act stronger and smarter than they really are. I mostly play video games for fun, RP or not. Probably why we don’t match up well.

Then there’s the so called “serious” stuff. To me, roleplaying serious is taking a role and sticking to it. That’s it. Roleplaying not serious would be something like playing the game like any normal game and changing your role every two seconds. If you’re seriously in the RP, you shouldn’t use OOC when something goes wrong, just adjust to it in IC and play on. You can do just as much comedy as you want in IC, just don’t metagame it with memes and shit.

RadiationScript and DesertiaRP seems to think that serious RP is the same as ROLEPLAYING something serious. I’ve never heard anyone say a genuine joke in IC while playing on RadiationScript. I don’t understand why. The Stalkers in the Zone joke, why can’t they joke in the RP gamemode they play? They do joke in OOC though, mostly with memes and stuff. This is something that happened yesterday:

I do /me nudges the crate of explosives
Me: Doesn’t seem too explosive to me.
Guy 1: NO! points gun at me (I guess this was kind of RP, props for him I guess)
Guy 2 (Local OOC): Lol XD
Guy 3 (Local OOC): WTF KABOOOM XD (I’m not kidding)

Okay, that was 3 replies by 3 people, only one of them was IC. If it happens in IC, respond to it in IC. Hope I’m not alone when I think it should’ve gone like this:

I do “/me nudges the crate of explosives”
Me: Doesn’t seem too explosive to me.
Guy 1: NO! points gun at me
Guy 2 laughs.
Guy 3: Kaboom! Hehe.

But they can’t. They can’t because they’re roleplaying SERIOUS. If you’re serious, you aren’t allowed to joke.

So what do I want RP to be like? Well, to explain it the easiest way, like this:

Just take a role and stick to it. Make an original personality and act as if you had it. Make the RP interesting.


Serious RP is too serious for its own good and they depend too much on OOC

I agree with you to an extent. For that same reason, I removed OOC from my own script a few weeks ago.

Listen at my favorite server is [LiF] and wehave our own vent server so we can just talk in there and we mostly use [Looc] to help the roleplay. Like if I see a guy kneeling I can ask what are you doing and they can respond I hot shot then we Rp it

Im not grate at surious rp but everyone expects me to be so i got put in a cp jail because i couldnt surious rp proply i didnt know about ic and looc i only knew occ but i learn all that stuf and about 90% of people only used occ EVEN THE CP ADMIN and yea.

Problem with OOC and LOOC abuse is that nobody ever wants to teach people new or old how to use it correctly. But oh well, Only join a community if you are willing to put up with their problems.

that’s because those servers suck. or maybe you just roleplay with crap rpers.

I don’t get why it’s so much fun to stand in a corner and doing /me for 1 hour…

I have a server up, and I am completely dedicated to ridding it off the old ways of roleplay, such as DarkRP, mingebags, dming, and 9 year olds.

Accepting admin applications for persons age 13+.

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