My thoughts so far on Rust Early Access

I just wanted to say how I feel about the game after 380 hours and counting game time.
I really enjoy the feel of the game and I think it might contend for game of the year when its released.


  1. I really think the devs know best, and I agree with the direction they are taking the game. So nothing I say will ever suggest how to fix it as I feel the devs will figure out a way to fix it, if they feel its an issue as well.

  2. It is very hard to find a good vanilla server with a good admin. This is not facepunchs job to create, I understand that. I wish there was more control over public servers by facepunch in some manner to keep hackers actively out.

  3. I feel there is not enough defense against c4 especially when you are not on currently. Other then building a really complex base, which is also a lot of fun.

  4. ESP is king of this game. With the amount of information that is available to these people. I feel as a company you guys could implement stuff that makes ESPing a lot less rewarding. Currently my best defense against ESP is to build a massive empty base and place hundreds of large storage crates in the center, and come back every day and repair it. Like the average player cant even see the correct updated 3rd person gun, and ESPers can see what gun I’m holding. Don’t believe me got to a remote location and put a c4 in your hand you will be dead in minutes. I don’t care that I die in this game its not the point of this point, its more that I feel like the game reveals information to early.

  5. As a server admin I feel like I should be able to see more about my players mostly variables they currently have. The accuracy/number of shots fired/etc… I think a good option would be to give server admins the right to flip on and off fairfight. If you think fairfight sucks don’t use it on your server. I think its an amazing anti cheat that works actively to help admins keep the game fair for everyone.

Random Rant after playing 380 hours.

I just hate admins that actively try to control how gameplay happens on there server that isn’t cheating. I know its their server so its their right. I just can’t stand playing for 5 hours to only break some unwritten rule and get banned. Its usually something where I use gameplay elements they think I shouldnt be able to use to gain an advantage they didnt realize people could do, and then make a rule that that moment to ban me. Its facepunchs game and its in alpha, the only way to bring attention to things is to abuse them, and if they don’t get changed than chances are Gary wants them to stay, and are not an exploit as admins call it. I woud almost consider half of this stuff admin abuse. This is something I know facepunch cant change just a rant after being banned from servers for no reason, and seeing if anyone else has similar feelings, and stories of just funny ban moments. I got banned for placing a shanty within 40m of another persons building, my first question was how the hell as a legit player am i supposed to know a buildings distance from me.

Just some thoughts. Keep up the good work facepunch!!!

I’ve seen a lot of these “my thoughts” threads and I think this is the first one that I agree with.

Granted, most/all of these things will get fixed/balanced/changed/removed/whatever over the course of development.

As far as finding a good server goes: I totally hear you. I don’t like mods and I think they detract from what alpha testing is supposed to be. From one server to the next it’s like playing an entirely different game. People who don’t know any better think that Oxide or Magma is officially supported, or that the game is supposed to have a market.

I don’t think that mods are inherently bad, but I think some of the mods available and widely used are seriously taking away from the gameplay the devs are trying to create.

Also agree with silly server rules. No KOS on a PvP server? That’s crazy talk. Someone suggested a mod that autobans people for teaming up with friends… they said it should autoban people for standing next to eachother for too long. Absolute craziness.

Yea the sad part is I feel like I have to play on a server with mods, since they are most of the time the only admins that care enough to control the hackers. The catch 22 with that is they really want you to play there version of rust, and not actual rust.

Edit: One admin I had to finally explain that unity was free and if he really thought a lot of his ideas were good and the developers were doing it wrong he should just go do it better. lol

The free version of Unity is real shit, though, for real game projects, and the commercial license for Unity is not cheap at all – several grand.

However, prototype in free Unity, use that to get investment enough to buy the commercial version. Those are things I’m sure that admin can’t do while beaking off about the devs. :v:

Also… when has garry ever mentioned implementing Fairfight? He’s implementing EAC, and VAC and Cheatpunch are already involved. Rust should, in theory, now already allow you to start a server in insecure mode, just like Source engine games, which means it’s not VAC-protected. There are no mentions in the official blog, so it may be “finished” but turned off as an option in the live server builds, and it’s just a lightswitch flip to turn it on in the future, but I really don’t know.

It’s already possible to start a server without invoking Cheatpunch protection, so Cheatpunch-banned users can still play on it.

I imagine he’ll have it so you don’t have to have EAC running, either when he launches the feature, or in the first patch after. I don’t know that for sure, but given that he’s been working on adding the options to disable the other security features, it’s a logical progression.

No I’m saying they should invest in fairfight and give admins the power to use it. Fairfight isnt an anti cheat in the same sense any of the others are. All fairfight does is monitor fair play and make note when players do things that they shouldnt be able to do. Doesnt matter if they are cheating or not. So I’m not saying this should ban people from the game just help admins find cheaters, and let individual servers control the cheating on there server. Being off the ground for more then a few seconds while not falling would throw a flag.

I misread your post, my bad.

However, that’s sort of kind of what Cheatpunch does, in a broad way. Cheatpunch is actually a statistics-gathering tool for testing data from the game; it just happened to have limited and easily-added anticheat capabilities, so garry went that extra 3 inches and coded it up and bagged over 5,000 cheaters in the process. :v:

Cheatpunch wasn’t intended to be a permanent solution, but I could see its info-gathering be extended to include watching for “how da fuq” moments when players are clearly exceeding limits.

Yea if that is so with cheatpunch I feel when cheatpunch makes a report about an incident then it should let the admin know. Or maybe it does and I have no idea how to use cheatpunch.

Right now, Cheatpunch only reports to garry. It doesn’t provide any direct value to server admins except, you know, blocking caught cheaters from joining your server if you’re using Cheatpunch protection.