My thrid attempt of a screenshot ("Brutal" mob execution)

This time I skipped editing it, since the previous attempts screwed up bigtime ._.

Some nice critisism would be nice, please don’t be too harsh.

In game blood is always ugly. But it will have to do until people can get comfortable with editing. Like here you could try to blur it a bit. It will look better. Posing is ok and I notice decent finger posing after just three times. Kudos for that.

I really appriciate the kudos, last time I tried… Well… It was very kudos-free (Note to self: Morph is not as cool as it may seem), also, about the blur, how’s this:


The posing of the gun doesn’t look natural. Have him aim the gun in a diagonal fashion.

Other than that, it looks good for no edits.

Use FEAR blood sprites and decals. Also posing… uh… well, you know.

Posing is off.

Anyone in specific? Or all of them? Some pointers would be nice, I’d really like to be “good” at this >_<.

Breen might want to move.

They all look like they have a broomstick shoved up their ass. Try to make them seem more relaxed. And the posing of the… Weird looking guy with the gun is really funky.

I’ll work on that, but since I’m still learning, I’m at the level where either they are looking like propped-up corpses, or stiff people >_<.

he’s pointing the gun wrong if hes trying to kill odessa
high probability hes going to hit breen instead, like th89 said “breen might want to move”

Look at how the blood from the other guy is above the dumpsters.

He’s got nothing to worry about in those physics.

i guess that’s what happens when you don’t secure a place good enough, poor guy learned it the hard way

The blood splatter on the wall is off but overall i like this picture.