My toolgun doesn't work in some saved games

I am trying to build a ncie building for a server I’m gonig to make, but every time it gets a certian size I can’t use the toolgun at all. it makes a bunch of errors in the rght corner that are blue. I am really getting aggrivated at this.

Do you have any specific addons you installed since the last time it was working?

Yes, in fact I’ve downloaded a couple. I downloaded phx 2, RD2, Petrol mod, stacker Stool, Keypad STool, and fading door stool before it first happened. Before the second time I downloaded the door stool, and the unbreakable stool. I might have downloaded a couple other small things, but I’m pretty sure I said them all.

Save games have always been fucked up, and garry isn’t fixing them. Use Adv Duplicator instead. Adv duplicator is included in Wiremod. Use SVN to get Wiremod. SVN Tutorial:

I also saw you said you had PHX2. PHX2 is outdated… get PHX3 instead. You also get PHX3 using SVN.

thanks alot, I’ve already had adv dupe, but I was skeptical about it. I didn’t know phx 3 was out because I don’t use svn :smiley: Maybe I can get better life support mods too.

Adv dupe is fine but at the moment thrusters a bit broken.

Only in old dupes. And since this guy has no dupes, he won’t be affected by it.