My Toybox will not work

I noticed one day how the toy box was basically an in-game web browser so I tried to go to google with. That did not work so I abandoned the idea, however, I could no longer use the toy box as it had disappeared. I have tried deleting the garry’s mod files and then reinstalling it multiple times, but when ever I load garry’s mod it still shows google. I know the URL of the in-game toy box and tried putting that in the address bar, but that does nothing.

Toybox will be replaced by Workshop 24th September.
Edit: Corrected date.

Yes, i know, but that is still quite a while away, so I was hoping for a solution to my current problem

This could be the HTML panel bug which I think is still around.

Ok, I thought you were wrong. You are right.
(Ok, but that’s a weird bug though)

Thanks. I just saw something on the Gmod news about that getting fixed… I’ll try again