My Toybox Won't Work :(! Help!!


check you internet connection and that the firewall is not blocking it. can you go on servers in gmod?


I can find servers on gmod its just toybox thats acting up


ok, first, try going to youtube with your browser, if it works fine, then it means that you antivirus is blocking gmod. if thats the case, disable your antivirus (the firewall) and all other firewalls and try again, if the youtube video didnt load or was slow, then your internet is messed up.

The solution is actually so easy but im first to find it.Go to system32/drivers/etc then find the host file.Dont open it yet now its the tricky part you cant edit if you dont open notepad as an admin then there’ll bee 2 things 2.toybox.apiblabla(i dont remember it) then delete those open the gmod and it’ll say “Toybox Authenticated”.Ta Da!

Meh, I get toybox saying that my ip is wrong, whatever the heck that means, but I wait 40 seconds and it loads, personally I think toybox is a bit buggy.