My trees are dissapearing.

As the title states, when I compile my map, some of my trees are disappearing. I tried deleting some to see if it was because there were too many, but the same exact trees still disappear. They are the ep1 pine trees of varying types. Anyone know how to fix this problem?

Are all visgroups checked? Are they wrong prop type (dynamic, static, physics) check your compile log?

I stole them !
Are your tree’s prop_static ?

I assume you are using the models\props_foliage ree_pine_xx.mdl trees

Make sure these trees are either prop_static or prop_dynamic.

Yes, Yes, and Yes. Nothing in the compile log. :frowning:

Post the compile log in here.
(use [noparse]

[/noparse] please)

I fixed it. I didn’t realize that displacements didn’t stop the leak checks vbsp runs. :open_mouth: Thanks for the help anyway.

Correct displacements and brush entities (including func_details) do not seal maps.

Yeah. :confused: I know that now. Thanks.

Call the police, those pine tree thieves are all over.