My TTT mode is didnt work

[TTT_24\gamemode\player_ext_shd.lua:226] attempt to call field ‘UpdateAnimation’ (a nil value)(Hook: UpdateAnimation)
At frist it worked very well but , after map change i found lua error
and they not also woke up on T position but , didnt damaged too and Yesterday it worked on very well
it happend today plz someone help me!

The gmod update broke it.

Update your server.

you mean i must update my server? but . idk what u say i have never heard server update

Hes running a listening server.

We can only help you once you have given information on your instalaition. Are we talking about a GmodServer you set up from the main menu , Bought , or set up using Srcds.
The best you can do without giving us this informaition is wait, Most things get fixed on its own (or by others).