My TTT server is all messed up? Guns float/instent reload

Title says it all, the guns float when you drop it and grenades freeze in the air when you through them, also the gun animations dont work

I also cant get people to download my custom models… Im using a fastdl and i know that works cause people download the maps

Maps download on their own. Guns floating means you do not have CSS content on your server. Make sure you resource.AddFile() the custom content in a file such as autorun/server/resources.lua for example.

Make sure your setup is correct having your custom content installed correctly.

Having your content installed on your server like so


And for you fast dl make sure its contains the correct folder.

I am buying my server from so it should be mounted right?

and im a bit confused for the custom content i want, i have a shop in the addons and i have these FO3 masks i download from and no one downloads them at all :confused:

How should i have these content setup? Pleas explain in more detail :confused: like will the models install in there models folder?


Do that with all your custom content.

Okay what file do i put that in?

Okay i got them to download all the models but in my goldenforge store they are sill getting errors :confused:

And i cant seem to fix the weapons :/// I have no orangebox folder ether

Your host must be restricting you.

I am having the same issue.

Where do I find aforementioned CSS content within the server files to use resource.AddFile() on?

And I assume an AddDir() script would work on these as well?