My tutorial on how to make snow in photoshop

:slick:oh yea first tutorial rate,comment,etc.

start with a new layer

then…fill the layer

make sure your filling it black

go to filter then add noise

make the amount at around 150,then gaussian and monochromatic

then add gaussian blur

then do command/ctrl+l to bring up levels and choose the way you want your snow to look like

then go to motion blur and choose the angle of the snow to be following

now press command/ctrl+j to copy the layer,then apply crystalize.

then hit command/ctrl+t to transform

then flip horizontal

now choose the layer blendmode to screen

go to motion blur

and choose the angle to your liking

right click on the layer…then merge down

now select screen…again and erase the hard edges with a brush

final product:

Yep that’s what I would do. Nice work.

Wow, that IS really sexy. I was preparing for something less good, but I was pleasantly surprised.

you couldn’t have chosen a more unfitting picture xD

good tutorial though, quite useful. good to see you’ve grown up a bit.

Cool stuff Cheescurls.

This is absolutely amazing, simple and efficient. Definitly should be in the sticky. Rat’d wrench

yea i was just looking around for a quikie so i chose that one

Awesome job!

We need more tutorials.

I’ve seen this technique used before, it is quite simple, but affective.

I saw the noise filter and was like “fuck”

Everything went better than expected. :shobon:

Result looks good, though you neglected the ‘extremely-close-to-the-camera-holyshit-is-that-a-big-ass-bug-no-its-just-a-snowflake-shit-I-thought-that-was-a-bug-for-a-second’ snowflakes.

But still, excellent foundation, it’s very open-ended, leaving a lot of room for tweaking and the crystallize filter is a nice touch, too.

Hehe. Is “extremely-close-to-the-camera-holyshit-is-that-a-big-ass-bug-no-its-just-a-snowflake-shit-I-thought-that-was-a-bug-for-a-second” a technical term?

Here is a better example of my snow work

Yes, it’s patented.



Damn, I guess that’s 5 cents for you then, lol

Well everything is amazing in that picture, nice tutorial btw.

On Topic: Nice tutorial! I’ll be sure to refer to it when I decide to do snow, thanks for using my picture :slight_smile:

Fast and cool tutorial!

Some of the Photoshop tutorials works for Gimp as well.
Use a similar method in Gimp.


Zoey Zoey everywhere


thank you evreybody! :buddy: