My two cents on Facebook so far.

I still see a lot of idiots.
I still see a fair amount of trolls. (seemed to be the only thing Facebook has managed to cut back on)
I still see a lot of people whining for things that will never happen.
I still see a ton of posts that just make you go “what the fuck is that supposed to mean?”.
I still see shitloads of people wondering why an addon known to need CSS won’t work without CSS.
I still see a lot of people that can’t learn to take a peek at the readme if they’re having issues installing.
I still DON’T see how this EZ Ban thing that works out great for Garry helps anyone else.

Just saying.

Might as well be a ban-me. This doesnt need to be a thread. As someone else pointed out, late.

Your average community

I never see this kind of stuff on FACEBOOK.

The irony.

I know the feeling.

Just saying.

I’ve stopped commenting since the Facebook comments came in. If I wanted every 10 year old to add me on Facebook, I would put my Facebook link on my uploads.

Disqus was better.

I have to agree in that regard. Likewise the only thing that seems to have gone down is the amount of comments. In a sense I actually also think that the quality of the comments that do get added is lower.

Seems like the people willing to comment via facebook, are those with the least constructive criticisms.

Couldn’t agree more. You see, this is why I don’t have a Facebook account. Haters gonna hate.

The only thing I hate about comments is that odd kid asking if a ragdoll is an NPC or playermodel.