My two favorite HL2 moments

Most of you have played Half-Life 2 by now, I’m sure. There were a lot of neat little cinematic moments I liked in the game, and recently since I’ve been replaying it in Gmod, I figured I’d take a little time to capture a couple of the scenes that I remember most fondly from my first playthrough.

These are 100% in-engine, with no extra props added and no ragdolls (I used act_pause to freeze the NPC scenes). All I did was add some improved lighting. Care to C&C?

"What is the meaning of this!?"[/t]
Dropping in on Breen during the teleport malfunction

"Ah, who is this? Another life to save…?"


Meeting the madman Grigori for the first time

Oh man, I LOVE these! Excellent work!

‘A shepherd must tend to his flock. Especially when they have grown… unruly.’

Grigori is still one of my favorite characters in the game simply due to his clever writing.