My two Unfinished Works

I had few Unfinished gamemode on my GitHub.
Instead make it rotten under my account, I decided to make it public.
Well, Maybe other people can find this would be pretty helpful for them.

Remember, Those things are unfinished. expect the error.
Well, the code woulnd’t be that shitty, so fixing/adding stuffs won’t be that hard.

Feel free to post questions on this thread.


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Unfinished gamemode release.

It’s best to ignore him, I don’t even get why he posts, 90% of his posts are pretty bad.

On Topic: The brutal manhack seems to OP, How are you able to even survive?

It’s fixed.
It’s just a bug I created when I was working on NPC Tier.

-- god, forsake me. I made whole table sync!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

phew, I’m not the only one who practices terrible networking habits :v:

Out of interest, why do all your pushes have something to do with paypal?

Misspell of Payload or something idk
I don’t remember.

The feather gamemode sounds awesome, darkrp is way to overused. I’ll try it out later, thanks for posting them (even if they are not finished.)

He probably posts for the same reason everyone else does.

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