My Unfinished Project VMF's

I just don’t ever have time, and when i do its little. So here. Hope someone has the will to finish it. Just give me a bit-o-credit. Thanks.

3 maps.


Shanty Town

The Coastal_Megalopolitan

I don’t know if i put that crane in the file or not.

There’s alot more areas in this map just don’t want to take a million photos.

Quite a nice map here. I’ll download and see what I can do.

Jesus dude, those would make great Left4dead maps.

Yeah, the first ones remind me of resident evil 5 :v:

Wow, that’s amazing! Great job, I’ll have a go at these maps. I’ll give you the credit for them of course. :wink:

I remember the first 2.
They look like they could all fit together, atleast 1 and 2 or 1 and 3.
Maybe they could all fit together.

Well, they are actually suppose too. The Coastal map in the file is the main one, the shanty town and oilfield one are suppose to go inside it. In the giant empty spot near the giant docks. Anywho.

Simply beautiful. Well done.

That last picture looks great. Very artistic.

I’m going to make a Post-Apoc- Rp map with these, You’ll get ALOT of credit thank you! :buddy:


What models do we need for the custom textures?

Damn, these all look so good, makes me feel like a novice mapper haha.

Dude, this is EPIX!

But it seems I’m having problems, all the custom models show up as “ERROR”, and a lot of textures are missing.

Maybe it’s just me trying to open the map with my CSS config…

Maybe an idea would be to consentrate on one project to get it finished?
Anyways, nice work!


There is HL2, L4D, CSS and DOD content. Plus custom content. Open the maps in half-life 2

I will mostly still try and work on the map slowly like i have for a year or two.

Yha these would make cool L4D maps.

Hmm quite some nice maps there! I will download and see what use I can make of them.

Wow, those look pretty artistic, you should really finish those!

Well… I have all the games installed that you referred to, but it still doesn’t seem to work =/
Still missing textures and models.

some textures are custom like the railing in oilfields

I love the first one.