My Unique Outdoor Restaurant

I made this while making a fort of mine. It is a unique outdoor restaurant. It contains a genuine vending machine/headcrab cooker, some nice sitting arrangements, and some violent entertainment. It is a small part of a much larger base I have in mind.

Very simple, looks like it took 20-30 mins at most.


sure is… unique

Yes, the props do look very nice. That’s why they came from a game.
The goal here is to make things with them.

Also: That grill is far too hot. Please turn it down

Quit troll baiting zenhorse.

hotte shitte cane ie have sexe withe ite?

What’s with people never materializing PHX props?

laziness I guess.

This fort actually took me around 2 hours to make. The vending machine took me at least half an hour to work properly. I also don’t materialize PHX props because most of my materials suck( So I’m getting new ones.)

Yeah I can see how that vending machine would be a problem. I mean, 4 prop spawners! Shit’s insane. And how would the rest take 2 hours? You put the chairs and tables in place, dupe them about, stacker the phx bunker, and you go eat a headcrab.

Well, there is the large portion of the base not seen here. That took my a long time to do. The base total took me about 2 hours. The restaurant about 40 mins. Most of that came from the vending machine and the tv’s.(There’s a tv in every bunker.)

Yeah Tvs are hard too! spawning that one phx prop and everything! And if it’s so much bigger and better, why don’t we see that too?

Actually. I think this is quite horrible. When you’re making bases in gmod you should always try to make them stand alone. Making something that’s using part of the map as walls is always bad. You should have put more effort into making it look good. You could have done this with materials, prop choice and so on. You should also have tried to make it stand out, or be original in some way, either with functions or with eye candy.


Oh and don’t do this. That just looks like you got gmod about 2 days ago.

I love the headcrab cooker. Overkill much?

In the rtcamera you can see he has a big ol’ phx tower in the back. Lol.

This is just one of those typical “contraptions?” that you see for download on A bunch of stereotypical stuff new kids do.