My vehicles disappeared a few days ago..

All of my vehicles under the “Vehicles” tab just disappeared some days ago…
Anyone know how to fix this or why this has happend?

i can see and spawn them in singelplayer but not multiplayer…

In some multiplayer servers there are limits on what you can spawn. Maybe the ones you use don’t allow vehicles?

it was my own server… and the thing is that they are just gone, they where there a couple of days ago and then just disappeared.

Maybe you have a conflicting file or something?

it might be that you server may have been hacked, or there is a conflicting file.

try recover you files that you use in singleplayer and add them to you server.

it’s not a dedicated server.


I don’t think i added a new file when the vehicles disappeared.

Did you update any SVNs? Delete anything? I don’t mean to be rude, but spawn lists don’t delete themselves.

have you tried make the recovery i told you to?

ofc they do! ^^ but i’ve tested just have the vehicles on the server but they still wont show up…


no dedicated server.

i meant try put the files back in the server.

i fixed it, just disabled Scriptenforce