My very first pose with my temporary personal skin...

It’s only blank because my laptop crashed 5 minutes later, but here was my first one… feel free to C&C, since this is my raw image, and I have GIMP, so any feedback would be appreciated…

And yes… I know that there isn’t anyone standing there.

And just a picture of him…

Anybody have fingerposing tips? For some reason, it’s insanely hard for me to make him assume a realistic grip without his fingers spasming out wildly.

First one looks boring, nothing is going on and he looks gay in the second one so rated gay-bow.

read the op!!!

So it’s still boring and he still looks gay.

Missed the personal skins thread much?

whispering He isn’t supposed to know so he can get banned, shh.

It’s not really one of those yet, since I’ve yet to put it in its own folder and release it…
By the way, many thanks, DrDean for letting me use this. I should have put that in the OP.

It would have been that while the FP offices are about to go to war, Mongoose and a select few (Ryzo, who else wants to come?) flee to a hidden city in the mountains, where they can continue their shenanigans elsewhere.


Moved to the skins thread, so this can be discarded more or less. The whole point was for learning fingerposing, not a scene build.

lol true

Appreciate the comments, people…

Scene Build?

This isn’t a Scene Build this is a map, a Scene Build is like going on flatgrass and building something that looks like a map.

If you want to see Scene Building, click this

You know what, screw off, ok? I’m new to this and the first thing you do is nitpick my terminology. I asked for constructive criticism, alright? Not to be made fun of because I’m new at it.

i like the skin :stuck_out_tongue:

first is pretty cool :smiley:

They’re making fun of you because you acted as if you knew what you were doing, then when they called you out on it you got all defensive.

Rule of thumb: no one gives a shit about personal skins

The first thing i went at was your skin and that is Constructive Critism or just Nancy Nitpicking and saying it looks awfully boring and it looks gay in the second one.

I only said what Scene Building was because i thought you didn’t know what it meant, i’m not being an arsehole for once, i’m just helping out and pointing things out.

maybe some smoke coming from the gun in the first pic would be a nice touch (youtube is your friend)

The fingerposing looks pretty good.


His hand’s clipping the shotgun in the second picture.

Stole mah optimistic points :'9