My video settings are stuck.

Like it says. I always turn off HDR because it makes it all eye rapingly bright, now I can’t alter any of my settings, meaning HDR all the time, and that sucks.

Its been like that since the engine update, doesnt seem like garry/valve cares

I have to agree that HDR is fucking annoying

Yes it is. With it on one can’t fucking see. At least a few map makers have the sense to not use it.


HDR adds realism to the game. I turned it on and didn’t look back.

It doesn’t feel realistic when used in some of the Gmod maps. With it on at times when I have the Jalopy spawned it nearly looks like a yellowish blob.

Used well it can add realism, but far too often it’s not used very well.

So you’re saying that Valve can’t use its own technology well?

I think he means that many User created maps don’t take advantage of HDR well and are therefor too bright.

Nothin to do with valve using it.

Exactly. Granted it get a little bright in the base construct map, but that was remedied with turning HDR off.

I just relised that this problem exists. Can you fix this garry?