My village "Last Hope"

Hello every one! I have made my own village and waiting for new neibors!
This is my house with a tower on top so i can see what is going on outside and shoot bad guys

I’m waiting from 3 to 5 people living inside. The first who comes will get a laser blue print as a present! You can always ask me for food and help if some one is chasing you.
Another thing is, idk where is it located all i know that it is next to a town with tube in it! Good luck finding it!


Aren’t you afraid if someone sees this and want to do a little break in and murder you?


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Not really, if they want to do that first thing they need to do get over the fence then try to shoot me with loads of guns and granades so i’m really scared

They can hatchet down your fence in 10 seconds…

Barricades are piss easy to scale and you wouldn’t even get a chance to blink before someone jumps over the fence and shoots you square in the face.

This set up is nowhere near as secure as you think it is.

Besides people can get in within a second, there are still quite a lot of map whipes

good luck

You wasted a lot of wood for those barricades and its still easy to break them

looks awsome

This is why i’m waiting for someone to make door perimeter around their base made entirely out of metal doors.

Then someone just puts stairs next to the wall and climbs over… Or storage boxes.

I’m going to burn your village to the ground.

Now have iron doors researched so i can make them for you, and well you all saying it is weak but i’m guarding it ~ 27/7 and i have iron doors on my house so i’m still not scared

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and last 2 guys that got in were killed withing a minet

I’m in Morocco right now, in a different time zone, there’s like 7 or 9 hours difference between here and the US, If I had a key i’d totally team up with you and the village would be defended 24/7

Looks like those barricades are only to scare the weak, only problem with this village, those windows is just inviting people to come and loot you.

Which windows?
How can they loot something that is behind 2 iron doors don’t be silly

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And every thing that is open is only a tower wich doesn’t have any thing in it only camp fire on top if you want to loot go for it

If they were determined enough, they could lob grenades at those doors. My best advice, add more doorways.

if they were determined enough they could build another tower and stairs, get into that tower and build iron doors to lock everything up and take over the whole freaking village, and they could grenade those doors as they wish afterwards. that’s determination!

Just be careful of what you keep in your base since now everyone knows where you are.