My water broke! (Haha, puns...)

No but really…

It was working earlier today, then suddenly, poof, it starts going FUBAR like that while messing around with a new map.

I haven’t downloaded any addons or texture packs in between the time when it was working earlier, and now… so I don’t think that’s the problem. Any suggestions?

It’s probably a leak. I think this is the most common question I’ve seen in my short time of being here.

Should show you what you need.

If it’s a short question such as this try and post in the megathread next time.

Leak. Please use one of the TWO damn help threads next time.

As the damn thread is here now, please drop in your damn compile log.

There, fixed.

Thanks for the link SystemOfanUP, everything I needed was right there.

Oh, and Ironphoenix, thanks for pointing out the thread, I’ll use that next time.
(Bet you were expecting some kind of smartass remark. 0.-)