My water doesn't look to good

So I’ve been trying to get water to look good, but it only shows up in-game if I use the crappy Half Life 1 water.
I also REALLY need to use a custom texture for water, but THAT wont work either.
Here’s what I do: Create a basic looking map, add a skybox, add an open boxed area (the top is open, but the rest is sealed off), replace the nodraw with a water texture, and add a “water_lod_control” (or something) entity.

If the map isn’t sealed, the water will leak and it will look shit.

LOD isn’t needed, but a cubemap is.

Also, add lighting.

Post the compile log here anyway. That is standard for any post.

Post screenshot and/or compile log?

Cubemap like LOD not technicaly needed, default cubemaps are created on compile for the skybox and they will be used if you don’t assign one.

“$forceexpensive” “1”

Also bro we have question threads for this stuff.


Make sure you have only have one Lod control.