My way of organizing my mapping. Private forum.


I keep a physical moleskine notebook handy for almost everything on that forum, it’s nice to flip through it and see some of the ideas or dreams I had.

You stole the thread icons from FP :saddowns:

also i think everyone went through the “make a forum” stage at some point or other

I just organize my maps by putting them in my Steam community page and at the bottom of each map I release. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s pretty neat. Would bhe cooler if there was an offline equivalent.

Seems a little unnecessary to have to download your own images every time you go on the site.

Same. I have a sketchbook that I use for sketching building concepts, taking notes on other maps (what I like/dislike about some of my favorite maps), to-do lists, etc.

I keep a pad of old printer paper (the stuff with holes down each side) which I draw and doodle on until no more fits on the page, at which point I move to the next sheet. I then swap sides and repeat down the back. Then I bin it and start again (I have several 1000 sheet slabs kicking around from the good old days)

Oh dude I found a box of approximately 1,700 sheets of that stuff at my school with “FREE” written on the side and I got rid of it because I couldn’t figure out what to do with it.

This is actually a good idea, since you can keep files with it too. Rather than have them scattered around the internet and various hard drives.