My weapon selection icons changed into medieval weapons

So somehow, my HL2MP.ttf font has been turned into a font full of medieval weapons. This looks like crap and I want the old font back. Strangely, if I download the font from some font site, it’s the exact same medieval weapon font again. What the fuck is going on and can anyone upload the ORIGINAL HL2MP.ttf font? (Reinstalling won’t work since Gmod Beta has the problem too)

Had the same problem. Just delete the HL2MP.TTF font from your fonts folder. Should sort itself out after that.

Didn’t work… :frowning:

I still need a fix. Here’s a picture describing the problem.


And it’s not only Gmod. It affects all my other Source games.

Do you have Age of Chivalry installed?


I require assistance.

Haha what the hell. That’s almost as crazy as achievement popup icons showing as random pictures from your PC.

Mad hax??

Sometimes even not fromy uor PC!Once it showed me some emo kid o_O
Anyways I would suggest 2 things to fix the roblem.
First browse through addons and anything that might have something to do with icons to check if there are any changes/iles that may change them.
Second-try changing the theme to the defaulty installed derma and then back to basic one.

Sadly I cannot provide anymore help.

I had this happen after I downloaded a HL2 font pack then ALL my source games and HL2 fonts turned to this. nothing will solve it. I need help too.


Fixed it. Delete the Half-life.ttf from your fonts folder. worked for me.

Actually, you may have deleted the wrong file. Delete the file mentioned above (Half-life.ttf)

Also I kept the HLMP.ttf because this was not affected.


Thank you so much!