My weapon won't show up

Well, I am trying to use the Portal Gun, but it won’t show up in game. (I know you have to go into the spawn menu.)

I put it in the directories told in the readme, but it still won’t work.

Any ideas?

Do you own the game Portal?

Yes, yes I do.

But, now I got it to show up in game. The only problem is that it ONLY FIRES BLUE PORTALS!!!

And yes, I am pressing “Mouse2” for orange.

Sorry about the change of topic, but please help me.

Are you using the SWEP by Mahalis? If yes, its very old and broke a long ago.

Ok, thanks.

Im in the process of getting gmod 11 (10 currently)

Its only called Garry’s Mod or Commercial Version.

Saying Garry’s Mod 11 is dumb, as if it had versions, it would be Garry’s Mod 2XX.

no one writes “look at my new garry’s mod comercial Version” and gmod 10 and 11 are comercial versions but they both look so diferent that people have to say them different so thats why there is gmod 10 and 11, i think saying comercial version ints pretty dummer than just saying 11

Both of you are wrong anyway. It’s just called “Garry’s Mod”. PERIOD.

The number dropped at 10, the last version with a number at all is 9.